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Sticks and Stones | Seven Days

Sticks and Stones | Seven Days.

Seven Days article explores how “Outright Vermont teaches kids that words do hurt.”

“89% of LGBT students heard the word “gay” (e.g., “that’s so gay”) used in a negative way frequently or often at school.

85% were verbally harassed at school because of their sexual orientation.

53% were harassed or threatened by peers via electronic media such as text messages, e-mails and Facebook.

From the 2009 National School Climate Survey of LGBT youth conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.”


10,000 Dresses

10,000 Dresses: ” Bailey (a white girl of maybe 5-8 years old) dreams of a staircase of 10,000 beautiful dresses, each unusual and unique. She tells her mother, then father, then brother about her dreams, and asks each in turn to help her get one of the dresses she falls in love with, but each time she is rebuffed, because they say she’s a boy and “boys don’t wear dresses.” Discouraged, she runs away (“all the way to the end of the block”), and meets an older girl, Laurel, who is trying to sew dresses, but is disappointed because they each come out the same. Bailey shares one of her ideas with Laurel, and they make two dresses out of mirrors. Laurel declares that Bailey is “the coolest girl I ever met”, and asks Bailey if she can come up with any more dress ideas; Bailey assures her she “can dream up 10,000 dresses!” Raising My Boychick

Read interview with the author here.  Check out the ALA Rainbow List Project here.

The presence of books like 10,000 Dresses help create spaces that are free from discrimination and prejudice.  This leads to a learning environment that is safe and supportive of all people in the Burlington School District. Perhaps, for some, the need for this safe space is emphasized by the suicides of two gay youth, this week: a 13-year-old named Asher in Texas and a college freshman, Tyler, in New Jersey.

“Showing Gay Teenagers a Happy Future”

Anthony, an Outright Vermont board member suggested that the ERC should check out Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project.

“A new online video channel is reaching out to teenagers who are bullied at school for being gay. The message: life really does get better after high school.” Tara Parker Pope, New York Times

Anthony’s story is actually featured on the It Gets Better project.

Read the New York Times article about it [here].

(The project lives on a YouTube channel so watching it from a BSD computer might not be an option-so remember to watch it at another location before/after school!)

Bullying From the Youth Perspective

Let’s Get Real” another great video from Groundspark (and already being used at Edmunds Middle School):

“Name-calling and bullying are at epidemic proportions among youth across the country, and are often the root causes of violence in schools. Let’s Get Real gives young people the chance to tell their stories in their own words–and the results are heartbreaking, shocking, inspiring and poignant. Unlike the vast majority of films made for schools about the issue, Let’s Get Real doesn’t sugarcoat the truth or feature adults lecturing kids about what to do when “bad” kids pick on them.”