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“Bhutan Refugees Struggle to Adjust to Canada”

Karin Johnson, the Language Literacy Coordinator at the Fletcher Free Library recently shared this with me.

This website gives some background to a film called “One in Six” that is currently in development:

“‘One in Six’ is the story of the expelled Bhutanese, told through the eyes 11-year-old Menuka Kattel, whose parents, barely out of their teens, were driven from their farms in 1993. Bhim Lal and Bishu Maya Kattel then spent their entire adult lives in Goldhap, one of five crowded refugee camps near the Indian border…”

Karin also let me know that the documentary “Killing Time” is on it’s way to the Fletcher Free Library as well:

“The Fletcher Free Library will show two documentaries covering the experiences of the Bhutanese refugees in the camps in Nepal and the Karen ethnic group’s struggle inside Burma. Both documentaries are excellent captures of the conflict and the protracted refugee situation that communities face around the world.

Two showings are available: June 2 at 7pm and June 6 at 4pm at the Fletcher Free Library
We hope to see you there! Come learn! Come share!”