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Vermonters Celebrate Americans with Disabilities Act 20th Anniversary

Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of the ADA.


Check out the NPR Story: “Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act 15* years ago, and it has since had a profound impact on the public’s attitude toward people with disabilities. It’s also playing a key role in the lives of wounded soldiers returning from Iraq. Joseph Shapiro and Steve Inskeep discuss the ADA.”

*ada.gov says 20th… NPR says 15th…


Check out the WCAX story:

“A celebration Thursday for the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

People gathered at the Statehouse lawn to mark the landmark civil rights law. Vendors from different organizations were there and later there was a dance with an accessible dance floor. Hundreds turn out for the yearly celebration for the law that tried to end discrimination against people with disabilities.

“People with disabilities– especially in the state of Vermont– we are so isolated and to bring us all together in a statewide meeting is just a really great way to say we are people with disabilities, we have rights too,” said Ericka Reil of the Vt. Center for Independent Living. “And to mark it on the Statehouse is just monumental because people often say they don’t see us out in the community and this is showing we want to be part of the community.”

“The ADA was a great accomplishment but you also want to remember and looking ahead and assessing how you are doing in terms of the road to equal rights and I think we’ve made recent progress and there is still a long way to go,” said Ed Paquin of Disability Rights Vermont.

Advocates say people in wheelchairs are still having problems navigating some stores, and they also are worried about recent state budget cuts to programs.

Kristin Carlson – WCAX News