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“Celebrating Diversity Is Not Enough: Finding Authentic Pathways to Equity”

Keynote Presentation – Paul Gorski | equityallianceatasu.org.  Click this link to enjoy Paul Gorski’s keynote video.

“We are all looking for pragmatic solutions-we say just tell me what to do and I will do it.  I’ll go to more trainings, more workshops, just give me the booklet that has the top 10 things I have to do to have a more equitable classroom and everything will be OK.  The problem is if those practical applications aren’t informed by a deeper level of consciousness then we’re left with what we have right now.  We have people thinking that the way to get to racial equity is through the international food fair.  We think taco night is replacing anti-racism,  work & in my experience that’s where we’re stuck.  There are a lot of schools doing taco night and not doing anti-racism, anti-classism, anti-sexism and much less anti-homophobia work.” Paul Gorski

Paul Gorski, founder of Edchange discusses the crucial need to move beyond celebrating diversity to doing true equity work. In his opening keynote for the 2010 Leadership for Equity and Excellence Forum, hosted by the Equity Alliance at Arizona State University he emphasis the necessity to have a consciousness shift so that our practices shift and we create environments that are welcoming to all students.

He begins at min 12:13. If you have limited time check out these time spots in the video:

*Equity is not always democratic: 33:47

*Cultural Solutions and Student Programming: 34:13

*Ruby Payne Analysis: 38:30

*Choosing Between “Celebrating Diversity” & “Social Justice” Work: 57:23