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Zora and Me

Admitting personal bias: I think Zora Neale Hurston is extraordinary. Check out new “girl detective” novel by Victoria Bond and T.R Simon. Read New York Times article here

“Where is the black version of Caddie Woodlawn (a 19th-century Wisconsin tomboy) or Harriet the Spy (a 20th-century Upper East Sider), smart, spunky, fictional heroines for the tween crowd?  Tanya Simon, a literary agent, asked herself that question while pregnant with her daughter, now 4. She answered by reaching back in time to Zora Neale Hurston, a canonical Harlem Renaissance writer, and imagining her as a girl detective. Ms. Simon and her close friend Victoria Bond put flesh on that idea with “Zora and Me,” an evocative mystery published last month by Candlewick Press”

Thank you to Donna Iverson, the Learning Specialist Educational Assistant at Edmund’s Elementary, for sending this my way!